One of the most ancient agricultures which was first cultivated in Ancient Egypt, Greece and China 4 000 years ago. Today, wheat is used in a wide variety of productions including pastas and confectionaries, bread and grain items, alcohol beverages as well as in cosmetology and medicine, paper production.

Barley is one of the most crucial agricultural products which is used in production of pastry and corn items, beer, kvas, whiskey, coffee surrogates and in medical or costmetology field. Because of the high composition of protein and starch in barley, this product is frequently used as the most valuable concentrated feed for animals.

A widely used agricultural product which is demanded in production of medicine, biofuel, domestic livestock breeding. In food industry, corn is the main component for producing popcorn, various types of cereal, puddings, pancakes and sweet pastries.

Sowing of rape is primarily done for the following purposes: creation of technical oil and biofuel, cleansers and cosmetics, plant oil, green feed preparation, as a main component in combined feed production. Rape oil is used to produce margarin, at metallurgic, soapmaking, leather, and textile production.
Flax is highly demanded in all spheres of human life because of its attributes. Flax plant and seeds are used in food and textile industry, this precious agricultural product is widely applied in medicine because of high concentration of ferrum, natrium, magnesium, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin A, E, B complex, ascorbic acid in its composition.

Mustard seeds which are the most demanded component of the whole plant are used in medicine and production industries depending on its sort. Among over 40 mustard sorts, three are the most popular: Black mustard, Brassica juncea, White mustard. After further processing of mustard beans, they are used in chemical pharmaceutical industry and gastronomy.

High concentration of protein (16-36%), carbohydrates (up to 56%), fats (1,6%), pea is used as various food products which are known for their pleasant taste and high nutrient value. Raw underripe pea beans (so called "green pea") and underripe fruits of vegetable pea sorts have an idustry raw material value. Pea flour and green pea mass is used as an important concentrated feed for animals.

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